Intended for Mature Audiences.

Detective Julio Venegas hadn't wanted to work undercover. But when a big cartel arrest goes sideways and a major drug distributor turns up dead before he arrives on the scene, he's forced to infiltrate the gang responsible and attempt to identify their unknown leader in the midst of a power vacuum. 

Six months later, going by the name Marco, he's working in a lower level club fronted by the cartel. The investigation is progressing slower than expected. Then one day a travel blogger named Noah Jin stops by under the guise of writing an article on the club. Once in private, he quickly disabuses of the notion that he is who he says he is. With a dangerous offer, Jin fast tracks Julio's plan. When asked why, Julio is left with the words "I owe you."

Who is Noah Jin really, and how do they know each other? Was the assassination an inside job, or is someone else pulling the stings?

Updated regularly. 22 pages per issue.

Chapter 1: subterfuge

Amanda J. Gaskins©2020
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