Comics & Illustrations

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A Different Path

A 'Gravity Falls' fan-comic. 28 pages, full color. What if Ford hadn't fallen into the portal during his fight with Stan? Complete, 2021.

August, 1839

'August, 1839' An 'Amnesia: The Dark Descent' fan-comic. Complete. 300 pages. 2018-2019.

Untitled_Artwork 60

'Retributive Justice' a Midnight Mass fan-comic. 4 pages, plus an illustration.


Original comic 'Hue & Cry.' 2020-present

Nature Background

Background concept design


Background design for animation, commission for B. Ibok, 2021


Book cover illustration design, commission, 2021. "How to Steal a Car" book by M. Roworth.


Collaboration Project Written by Amanda Steinberg Art by Amanda Gaskins


Horror Comic. Many project restrictions. Info inside.


Illustration of Pripyat, Ukraine. 2019.


Four page comic. 2018, with 2019 color.


a four page silent comic about a briefcase.

Yellow Headband

Draw an event that haunts you, all in the same camera distance. 2017.

The Clouds Shone Down

Draw a comic without characters about a time when you were truly happy.

Pripyat Pool

Illustration from Pripyat, Ukraine. 2019.

Border Collie

Illustration based off of an anatomical study of a border collie. Ink and watercolor. 2018.

Wander: Iceland

14 Page Senior Project Comic. 2018.

The first and second versions of Wander before fully fleshing out the idea. 2017.